You are not a real foodie

If you have not tried these coffees

You are not a real foodie if you have not tried these coffees

Central America is the cradle of luxury coffee for gourmets. Try a high-end grain in a restaurant in Nicaragua or discover an exotic variety in a Dominican cafeteria. Come on this journey with its intense aroma!

Authentic premium coffee factory

The subtropical climate and the fertile soils of Gullon Jug Estate revive the cultivation of the variety Fine arabica. The forests of Belize show their credentials for housing seeds with a more powerful flavor and with more nutrients than in the past.

Try this Nicaraguan treasure in any restaurant

If there is a city that smells like coffee, it is Estelí. Its cool climate is considered favourable for the growth of coffee trees. It is one of the stops on the coffee trail in Nicaragua, where you will taste a high level of acidity.

Sweet flavor in a Dominican cafeteria

The coffee region of Valdesia is the home of a coffee that grows under natural shade. These grains from the Dominican Republic contain aromatic notes of chocolate and nuts. Meanwhile, the Valley of Tarrazú (Costa Rica) is the land of the hard grain with a fresh flavor. Its volcanic soils provide that penetrating aroma.

As you see, Central America is an authentic factory of luxury coffee. You can even take delight this elite product on wheels, in the  classic food truck style. Deepen the appeal of this food on our website. You will discover other unique trails where this pleasure is cultivated.

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