Diving in fresh or salt water, in places of volcanic origin… Central America is full of opportunities for all sorts of diving – wall, coral or night. Discover where the snorkelling paradises are, and swim with dolphins, sharks, seahorses or whales. This multi-destination trip will be one of your very best life experiences.

Where to go diving in Central America

We invite you to come on an adventure that will take you to two interesting places in each Central American country. So, take note!


If you want adventure as well as excitement, visit Las Lisas. On this beach at this Guatemalan village, located 165 kilometres from the capital, you can go wreck diving. La Traba lies at a depth of 33 metres, and Barco Chino at about 18 metres below the surface. If you don’t fancy this, you can always go to El Crater Azul. It’s a crystal clear stream that’s surrounded by vegetation.

El Salvador.

If you are looking for a different diving experience, visit one of the most beautiful lakes of volcanic origin in the world, Coatepeque (Santa Ana). During these 115-meter dives, you’ll marvel at the lava formations and walls of rock.

Don’t settle for a single destination only; go diving in Los Cóbanos (Sonsonate) as well. Did you know that 25% of the world’s species live on this coral reef? You can also explore 19th century shipwrecks


Belize and, of course, its spectacular Great Blue Hole, praised by Cousteau, are a must on this multi-destination journey. Ready to take a swim with bull and reef sharks? Don’t miss the spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations. Of course, if you prefer to dive in clearer waters, check out Glover, the most remote atoll.


You’ll also see whale sharks if you go to the Black Hills (in the southeast of Utila), one of the most interesting dive sites in the Caribbean. You’ll be amazed by the colourful wall and the corals, groupers and sponges surrounding the wreck of the Haliburton.

Further afield is Guanaja Island, where you’ll find world-class dive sites. You’ll see hammerhead sharks, pinnacles, volcanic caves…


Nicaragua should also feature on your multi-destination snorkelling route. We recommend the Xiloá Lagoon, which is of volcanic origin. Turtles, crabs and 14 species of fish inhabit this natural space 20 kilometres from the capital. You’ll see that the bottom is very steep, so it’s an ideal option for lovers of wall diving.

But there’s more to Nicaragua than freshwater diving. Go to San Juan del Sur and have fun with the dolphins in this paradise where you’ll find rays, turtles and lobsters. The water is no more than 18 metres deep.

Costa Rica.

Do you love the idea of diving in a marine biological reserve? Then try Caño Island, the place with the highest visibility in Costa Rica. The dives are not very deep, and you’ll see bull and blacktip reef sharks, dolphins, and turtles passing by. To see seahorses and rays we recommend Catalina Island, which is famous for its seascape. It’s an ideal area for beginners.


In Panama there are places where you can enjoy all three types of diving. For example, in the crystal clear waters of Bocas del Toro (the beaches of Punta Hospital or the caves of the Zapatilla Keys). But your list of essentials should also include Isla Caña, where 500 species of fish live.

Do you need more reasons to explore the bottom of the sea in any of these countries? Scuba diving in Central America is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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