The Origin

The historical circumstances, the unlimited opportunities, and the beauties of our territory were the motivations that pushed men and women from other latitudes to establish roots here. In merging with the pre-Hispanic cultures they originated a remarkable caste that is distinguished by the magical nature that radiates and can be perceived in its physicalfeatures, cultural and ethnic manifestations, and in its cosmic vision.

The bucolic and seigniorial colonial cities were founded along the length of the royal road that interconnected the native peoples; the gastronomy that intertwines and fuses the aboriginal flavors with the European and African flavors; the frenzy provoked by the rhythm of the various sounds and rhythms; the enthusiastic, frank and sincere smile, full of joy
and positivism of its people will provoke extraordinary emotions and closeness to Central America.

In Panamá you should visit “La Vieja” Panamá founded in 1519, the old town, the modern Panamá city, Portobelo, Valle de Antón whose population settled atop an extinct crater, and Chiriquí.

In Costa Rica you should visit the colonial city of Cartago, the exquisite and cosmopolitan San José.

In Nicaragua, León and “La Gran Sultana”, as the city of Granada is known, both founded in 1524.

In Honduras, do not miss the Valle de los Angeles, Santa Lucia, Ojojona, Santa Ana, La Esperanza, Gracias, Santa María de Valladolid, Corpus Christi, San Marcos de Colón and Santa Rosa de Copán, which has been noted for the tobacco industry since 1765, as are Santa María de Valladolid, El Corpus and San Marcos de Colón.

In El Salvador, Panchimalco awaits us, where one of the oldest churches in the country is located; Suchitoto, founded in 1528 was the first settlement of San Salvador, and Sihuatehuacán, known since 1569 as Santa Ana.

Esquipulas, Guatemala, is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the isthmus; La Antigua Guatemala, founded in 1543 as Santiago de los Caballeros of the Kingdom of Guatemala, was the capital and center of government of the Captaincy General of Guatemala, that is the Central American provinces. Also worth visiting are Xela, Salcajá, and the markets of Chichicastenango, Huehuetenango, Lake Atitlán, Cobán, and its surroundings.

It should be noted that Central American cultural diversity is one of its great patrimonies, as evidenced by the Garífuna people, descendants of Africans living in Honduras,
Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Belize.


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