Paradisiacal beaches in the Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean sea

At no other place in the world does the sun shine with the intensity, beauty, and brilliance that it does in Central America; and, the isthmus enjoys incredible and magnificent coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Belize offers beautiful natural formations along its 300-kilometer wonderful coastline in the Caribbean. The Belize coral reef has a rich diversity of marine habitats that has earned it the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Pacific region of Guatemala has an extensive coastline with volcanic sand beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze and the friendliness of the people. Off of the Atlantic Ocean, Izabal, especially Livingston, is the smallest part of Guatemala bordering the Caribbean, where the coconut palm trees stand swaying in front of the soft coast line, facing a blue sea; its beaches of white and golden sand, with shells and snails lead to sites such as Playa Blanca, Siete Altares, Manabique Point, Cocolí Point and Sarstún River. Another great attraction is the exuberant route between Lake Izabal and the mouth of the Dulce River, near Livingston, with solitary beaches that make the tourist feel the owner of a unique paradise, in a Green Caribbean.

El Salvador has 300 endless kilometers of magnificent beaches on the Pacific coast, among its most spectacular beaches are: Costa del Sol in La Paz, El Espino Beach in Usulután, and El Cuco in San Miguel.

Honduras boasts of its beautiful coastlines and enchanting islands in the Caribbean like Roatán, where a variety of water sports such as swimming with dolphins, fishing, and snorkeling can be enjoyed, or just the leisure time beneath the delicious rays of the sun and the quiet breaking of the waves.

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of beaches, both on the Caribbean and on the Pacific, where one can indulge in a world class spa, meditate taking yoga classes, or simply swim.

In Panamá you can also choose between the coast of the Caribbean and the Pacific coast to practice diving or snorkeling.

Central America is the land of the romantic sunsets and pleasant beaches, be these of calm and crystalline waters, or of volcanic sands and impetuous and warm waters.


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