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Flying over the trees, navigating the rapids of the uncontrollable rivers, climbing volcanoes, gliding on its slopes, pedaling its mountains, surfing the perfect waves of its beaches; all this is part of the Central American offer.

In Belize you should explore the coral reef-declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Discover and marvel at the abundant marine life, the underwater world, the underground rivers, and enter the largest cave system in Central America, in the Mayan mountains.

Guatemala presents the strength and rapidity of its rivers for the practice of rafting and walks along the countless trails of its majestic jungles. In addition, Guatemala is the world capital of sailfishing.

From its sky, El Salvador offers the opportunity to admire its rugged geography and fly over the lake of Ilopango on a paraglider, or cycle the mountainous area of San Ignacio, walk in the Forest of Cinquera Ecological Park, and ride the waves in two of the best beaches in the world for surfing.

Nicaragua invites you to climb its volcanoes, glide over the slopes of the Cerro Negro volcano on a sand board, walk along the trails of the rainforest, navigate mighty and majestic rivers, and surf the indomitable and perfect tubes that form its waves.

Costa Rica is rafting, walks through cloud forests, surfing, canopying, and nocturnal walks in their parks and reserves. This and more is part of the adventure called Central America.


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