Central America presents us with different ways of traveling within the region: international flights between the main airports in Central America, intraregional bus services, short distance taxis, and rental vehicles.

Flying through Central America

Central America offers regular flights with excellent prices and itineraries that connect the whole region. For the international and regional market, while in El Salvador between trips and air connections, travelers can take advantage of the program STOP OVER El Salvador, which lets them stay in the country up to a maximum of 48 hours, exempt from airport taxes, for an opportunity to visit an additional country that offers natural, cultural and historical wonders.

Avianca has a varied itinerary of flights that are interconnected to and from any Central American capital. Good service, flexibility of schedules, and routes worked by AVIANCA will undoubtedly facilitate your trip through our Central American lands.

Copa Airlines is another option to optimize your time in Central America, as it offers flights between the different capitals of the isthmus with varied schedules that will allow you to make the perfect connections to enjoy your time with us.

Intraregional Bus Services

For those who want to enjoy the exuberant Central American landscape and want to do it on their own, Central America has an extensive offer of intraregional land transportation services. Next, we detail the companies and departure times of the buses that travel daily through the great homeland of Central America. Some of them sell the tickets online.

Some of the companies offering services:

  • Nicabus, operates in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Visit the website.
  • Platinum, operates in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Visit the website.
  • Pullmantur, operates in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Visit the website.
  • Ticabus, operates in the seven Central American countries. Visit the website.
  • Transnica, operates in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Visit the website.
  • Transportes del Sol, operates in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Visit the website.


It is best to use a taxi service. Most hotels offer this service or can put you in touch with a local company. If you take a taxi on the street, it is best to agree with the driver the price before using the service. In some countries, it is not surprising that they take more than one user on the same route. If you prefer, you can agree with the driver that the taxi is exclusively for you.

The Uber service is available in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panamá.

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