COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has spread rapidly throughout the world, a consequence of the millions of movements that take place daily on the planet. Because all the countries that make up the Central American Integration System (SICA) region have registered positive cases of the disease, the corresponding national authorities have taken a series of measures to counter the spread of the virus and the economic impact in each one of the countries.

In summary, the main provisions are:

  • Monitoring and applying of the health protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Closure of air, land, and sea borders in the eight countries of the region. The only exceptions are to guarantee the flow of goods and humanitarian flights.
  • Establishment of quarantines and mobility restrictions within each of the territories.
  • Financial measures to ease tax burdens, bank, mortgage, and service payments, as well as the provision of financial aid to the informal sector directly affected by restrictive mobility measures.
  • Measures to lessen the impact on the dynamic sectors of the economies.

Below you will find the official consultation websites to learn about the situation of each of the countries with respect to COVID-19 regarding official communications, actions on immigration or foreign affairs, health and sanitation, as well as the tourism activity.


To find out the official information issued by the Government of Belize, enter here.  As for the measures on tourism activity, you can consult our web travelbelize.org.


The President of the Republic of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, holds regular press conferences to update the information about COVID-19 in his country. You can consult the provisions here or visit the page of the Government of Guatemala here.

All the medical provisions set forth by Guatemala are available through the Guatemala Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare. By consulting the Guatemalan Migration Institute, you will learn about all the provisions regarding travelers entry and exit from the country. You may enter here.

You will find all the information about the country’s tourist activity by visiting the site of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (INGUAT).

El Salvador

The President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, constantly provides updates on the implementation of measures taken by the country in response of the COVID-19 outbreak, and also makes new announcements through this channel. You can also consult official information through the Presidency of the Republic of El Salvador by accessing the site here.

The Ministry of Health of El Salvador makes available to you all the information you need to know about health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Click here.

To get information provided regarding immigration and foreigners in El Salvador click here. You will find all the tourism information about the country through the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador.


The President of the Republic, Juan Orlando Hernández, frequently makes announcements to update the measures taken to respond to the emergency of COVID-19. Additionally, you can consult official information through Honduras Presidential House.

The Honduran Ministry of Health has all the information available related to containment measures and care of the virus. Click here.

If you are interested in learning about the measures taken by the country regarding immigration, enter here: Honduras Immigration.

All the tourist information about the Central American country can be accessed through the Honduran Institute of Tourism website.


To learn about all the measures taken by Nicaragua regarding COVID-19, enter the website of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.

Costa Rica

Consult the official communication channel of the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, to learn about the development of the measures taken in the country, as well as the update of new actions to be taken as a response to COVID-19. You can also visit the website of the Costa Rican Presidential House.

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health is working around the clock to attend to the national emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19. You can check all the health information here.

The provisions on migration and immigration in Costa Rica can be found here.

All information related to the country’s tourism activity can be found by visiting the site of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.


The President of the Republic of Panama, Nito Cortizo, regularly announces the implementation of plans and actions, as well as the all new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. You can also consult the official information made available to the public through the Presidency of the Republic of Panama.

Learn about all the health actions implemented by the Ministry of Health of Panama to contribute positively to the prevention and care of COVID-19.

If you are interested in getting information about the National Service of Migration of Panama enter here.

All information related to the country’s tourism activity is available through the Panama Tourism Authority.

República Dominicana

To learn about the new dispositions, you can consult the information provided by the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, or you can also consult the official website of the Presidency of the Dominican Republic.

All the health information to contain the spread of COVID-19 is available through the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic. Information on migration can be found here.

If you are interested in getting information related to the tourism activity of the Caribbean island, you can find it through the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

If you are already in any of the countries of the region

For those who are already in any of the countries in the Central American region, these are the sanitary measures that each of the countries have taken to internally contain the spread of the virus, as well as the economic provisions for the recovery of economic and social dynamics. Click here.

Information on confirmed cases in the region

To find information on health regulations in each of the countries, which are constantly being updated, visit the Center for Disaster Prevention in Central America and the Dominican Republic (CEPREDENAC).

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