Prepare for the best galas

You’ll meet the illustrious ancestors of Mayan civilization

Prepare for the best galas, where you’ll meet the Crystal Maiden and other illustrious ancestors of Mayan civilization

The enigmatic Mayan civilization is one of the main tourist attractions in Central America. Treat yourself to a multi-destination trip through Belize and Honduras to find out who the illustrious ancestors of their settlements were. Join me on this magical journey to the most representative past of pre-Columbian culture. Dress to the nines! Mingle with the elite!

The remains of a Mayan adolescent

Enjoy a spooky adventure into a Mayan cave guarded by ceramics, rocks and skeletal remains. Actun Tunichil Muknal is the name of this fascinating cave located in the district of Cayo (Belize). The best known of these remains is that of the Glass Maiden. Who was she? She was an adolescent victim of a sacrifice.

The shiny appearance of her Bones

The amazing thing about her is the appearance of her skeleton. Her bones calcified, taking on a glassy appearance.

Jade offerings and decorated ceramics

Later you will travel to El Puente Archeological Park in Copán (Honduras). Its tombs contain decorative objects of jade and ceramic. Here lies a group of the elite. In its exhibition rooms you’ll find the skulls of some of the members who ruled in the area around the year 600.

Ready to meet the illustrious characters of Mayan civilization in Belize and Honduras? If you want to learn more about this people, visit our website to explore the other relics that bear their markings. Set your course for a distant but still very present past!

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