Feel like an islander drinking a cup of real cocoa or coffee

in Honduras and Costa Rica

Feel like an islander drinking a cup of real cocoa or coffee in Honduras and Costa Rica

Coffee tourism is fashionable. Do you love to see incredible places through the roasted and ground beans that are grown in their lands? Then travel to Honduras and Costa Rica. The Islanders are responsible for producing the tastiest chocolate and the best coffee in Central America. I suggest you discover these places with a cup in your hand. Write it down!

Exquisite coffee varieties in Copán

This region of Honduras not only has the most-praised Mayan ruins. It also grows the most highly considered grains in the country. Its Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai varieties are famous. I recommend you try its well-received cocoa-flavoured coffee. Its ingredients grow in the shade of fruit trees and also come from Ocotepeque, Lempira and Santa Bárbara.

The chocolate route in Bribri

Then, head to this region of Costa Rica to enhance the sweetness of chocolate. The route that focus on this food competes with the coffee growers’ tours that are distributed throughout the country. At Bribri, cocoa grows beside bananas and orange trees.

The islanders’ medicine

It is the indigenous community that is responsible for describing to you the particularities of its star ingredient. They use it as food, but also as medicine and to purify their souls

Do you want to continue trying the coffee and the cocoa of Central America in the same places where they are grown? Visit our website and discover other areas that are committed to these eternal drinks.

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