Dan Carter

HIGHLIGHTS OF CENTRAL AMERICA Central America is such a diverse and beautiful region that is astonishing, and although the trip was quite fast, it was amazing to visit so many countries and cities in such a short period of time. The country that I liked the most was Panamá. It was a country I knew ...


Alberto, Mochileros TV

TRIP TO CENTRAL AMERICA There are trips that mark you, places that stay and are part of you. For me traveling to Central America was one of those trips, and somehow a lifelong dream awaiting to be fulfilled. Getting on the plane, and thinking that I was about to discover countries I did not know, ...


Luise Morgen, Klein Stadt Carrie

ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE Visiting Honduras, Guatemala and Belize in July was one of the best experiences of my life. When someone asks me about Central America, I tell them the same thing: Central America is so diverse, beautiful and full of miracles... you have to go to Central America for ...


Backpacking Simon

Visiting the 4 countries was very nice. It was an amazing experience, although I wish we would have had some more activities planned (scuba diving, snorkeling or ziplineing). Due to some storms in Costa Rica our program had to be rescheduled, but we also enjoy the country. It was sad that the weather was not ...


Road to Wild

TRAVEL TO CENTRAL AMÉRICA What a pleasant surprise! Without a doubt, a trip that we will always remember. We really wanted to travel to Central America to be able to see all its beautiful spots. We did not go with great expectations, but with much desire to let ourselves be surprised and enjoy the experience. ...


Christianne Backpacking Bananas

The trip was an amazing thing. Its landscapes, its rich food and the friendliness of its people was the most I fell in love with each of the countries we visited. The Pulhapunzak falls were a total discovery and something that impressed me very much. I'm already trying to learn Spanish so I can go ...


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