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Visiting Honduras, Guatemala and Belize in July was one of the best experiences of my life. When someone asks me about Central America, I tell them the same thing: Central America is so diverse, beautiful and full of miracles… you have to go to Central America for yourself to understand its beauty.

We started in Guatemala, which overwhelmed me with its culture. I hiked through the jungle, climbed some stairs, and suddenly saw the world from a completely different perspective. I did not know much about the Mayan culture, but after visiting Tikal I could not stop thinking about it. I never felt so incredibly small but important at the same time. The days in Guatemala reminded me that the planet Earth is full of secrets and hidden miracles, and I am part of this all.

Our next stop: Belize. I fell in love with the country immediately. I definitely emphasize Caye Kaulker. The vibrations, the colors, the people… amazing. Diving with sharks, rays and manatees, I cannot think there is a better experience. After jumping into the water, my heart was beating

like crazy and I realized that I belonged to this place. I am part of nature and I have nothing to fear.

Last but not least, we traveled to Honduras. I had no expectations, but still, Honduras exceeded them all. Honduras challenged me in many beautiful ways, and I never felt as alive as I did there. Zip-lining over the jungle, climbing under the waterfall, diving in the ocean … Normally I am not an adventurous person, but Honduras taught me. Life is an adventure and I really enjoyed this part.

So… Central America is completely different from any other place I’ve visited so far. And you know what? It is my favorite.

Luise Morgen





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