Discover these great Nicaragua tips

Endless surprises await you in one of the wonders of Central America. Colonial cities, beaches, volcanoes and exotic cuisine. This is a country where you can even see lava. Are you bold enough to follow these ten Nicaragua tips? Be captivated by the smiles of its people and its breathtaking tourist destinations.

Nicaragua’s top ten travel experiences


1. Marvel at the colours of Granada

Surrounded by the Mombacho Volcano, Granada stands as one of the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua. The long list of colours that adorn its houses makes for beautiful photos. Watch the sunset from the tower of the La Merced Church and stroll along the neoclassical facade of the Granada Cathedral.

2. Observe lava close up at the Masaya Volcano

In this land of lakes and volcanoes you can observe the flow of magma. The Masaya Volcano is one of the country’s most active. Head to the National Park that bears its name and make your way to the edge at 4,000 meters. You’ll be left speechless!

3. Sandboard down the slopes of a volcano

The available activities around this geological structure are numerous. One of them is sandboarding or ash surfing. Glide down the slopes of The Cerro Negro Volcano, located in the Department of León. Of course, you must first make the difficult trek up the hill…

4. Take a dip in the Apoyo Lagoon

Relax in this peaceful retreat after paying a visit to the so-called white villages in the surroundings: Catarina, San Juan de Oriente, Niquinihomo and Diriá. Experience tranquility among its springs, streams and natural forest areas, where you can hear howler monkeys.

5. Discover the sea beds of Isla del Maíz

Fine, golden sand, pristine reefs and turquoise tones. These islands in the Nicaraguan Caribbean are considered among the most paradisiacal islands in Central America. If you love islands, don’t miss Ometepe, which is a little different from Corn Island. What’s its biggest attraction? Its twin volcanoes.

6. Surf and practice yoga at Maderas beach

This is the perfect destination to get away from the crowds. With its Pacific setting, Maderas beach is home to incredible coves, which you can discover on an unforgettable 4×4 tour. This activity is perfect for backpackers.

7. See crocodiles and alligators in the Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve

Turtles and iguanas are also part of this magical 4,600-hectare ecological treasure home to endangered species. You may run into small coyotes and squirrels. Be sure to visit the town of Las Peñitas.

8. Try canyoning in the Somoto Canyon

Are you an adventure sports lover? Travel to this idyllic spot known by locals as Namancambre. In this protected area you can join a canyoning excursion, as well as rappel and climbing trips. You can do birdwatching and take a boat tour.

9. Don’t leave without trying Indio Viejo (Old Indian)

Do you know what the ingredients of this exotic dish are? Shredded beef, spices and corn meal. It’s served with rice or salad. Of course, you should also try the traditional sweets gofio and orejas de perro (dog ears).

Multi-destination trips


10. You should also experience the charms of Costa Rica

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover this other country in the region. Sign up for a multi-destination experience and journey to the past, admiring the remains of the colonial period in San José. Take note of these other alternatives: Arenal Volcano, Tortuguero National Park and the beaches of Hermosa Guanacaste and Tamarindo.

Now that you’ve read these Nicaragua tips to explore its beauty in depth, be sure to explore the other wonders of its neighbours Costa Rica and Honduras. The most incredible natural treasures are at your fingertips!

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