CATA promotes the use of new technologies in the Central American tourism industry

The technological advances of recent years have definitely transformed the world’s tourism industry, making it more dynamic, competitive, and efficient. Clear exponents of the new way of doing business are the online travel agencies (OTA), and the photographic contents, testimonies, comments, and videos generated in real time by travelers in the visited destinations.

CATA -with the support and management of the Pro Tempore Presidency under the responsibility of Belize-, aware that Central America’s competitiveness vis-à-vis other markets depends on its innovative capacity to intelligently transform its tourism proposal, as well as the importance of the sector’s adaptation to the current technological dynamic for its successful management of promotion and projection of the Central American multi-destination and the SICA-RD region, in coordination with FEDECATUR has organized the event Centroamérica Innovation Tourism Talk. This event marks a milestone in the development and growth of the regional industry for digital tourism marketing.

For the participants this is a unique opportunity to meet and learn directly from the representatives of leading digital tourism marketing companies such as Trip Advisor, Despegar.com, Google, Amadeus, Expedia, and Moreturismo, among others. During the event, Big Data’s use and management techniques will be discussed as an effective tool in the design of promotion plans aiming at improving tourism marketing skills through the proper use of OTAs and Collaborative Tourism; generating a positive online reputation by effectively managing the opinions of customers and increasing positive comments that drive their purchase decision; and, executing a smart promotion generating digital contents and knowing how to share them with the tourism sector.

In addition to being a space of convergence, this event is also a turning point for the regional tourism sector with its authorities and experts from the technology industry to discuss the present and the future of Central American destinations in the digital era, as well as to strengthen the intra-regional alliances of the sector.

The Centroamérica Innovation Tourism Talk begins on October 12 in El Salvador, continuing through the rest of the countries of Central America and ending in Belize on November 2nd, 2018. For more information, interested parties may coordinate with their local Chamber of Tourism,

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