Central America: the new mecca for digital nomads

The number of digital nomads in Central America is on the up. The main reason for this is that countries in this part of the world offer incentives to these kinds of professionals, both economically and culturally. Enjoy a different office every day and discover the pleasure of travelling and working equally.

Tips for becoming a digital nomad

The implementation and acceptance of remote working in recent years has lowered our ties to the office. More and more professionals, like you, want to take the leap and experience an adventure. To do so, there is nothing better than leaving everything behind and embarking on a nomadic life. Here are some tips for being a digital nomad.

A commitment to slow travel

The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not travelling; you are living your life. There is no need to travel through three countries in a month or keep an eye on when the next train leaves.

Settle down somewhere and get to know it as part of your routine. Find the perfect time and make the most of every moment with relaxation. Soak up the culture and discover the charm that each territory has to offer before jumping to the next.

A place where you can enjoy your hobbies

When you go to put the next pin on the map, make sure it is a destination that suits your tastes. You can move according to the waves, choose natural areas where you can enjoy hiking or opt for cities with a great cultural and nightlife. It all depends on your tastes.

The two must-haves before you move in

There are two things you cannot do without in your time as a digital nomad, as they are essential for working efficiently and legally:

  • Internet: Make sure that the destination or the place where you are staying has a good connection so that you don’t despair.
  • Visas: Contact the embassy before you arrive to find out how long you can stay. In Central America, visas for freelancers are beginning to emerge, but they do not yet exist everywhere.

Don’t forget your holidays

Even though you are travelling and discovering new countries, keep in mind that you are still working. It is important that you also switch off and have a holiday of your own. Take advantage of this to discover remote locations or speed up your means of travel. It is also a good idea to set up a weekday routine so that you have days off.

Central America, a unique office of the world

Central American countries are a great option for this way of life. Not only are they very hospitable; they are also culturally, naturally and gastronomically rich.

Cafés and co-working spaces with good internet connections are multiplying. Also, as we mentioned before, many have opted for special visas. Remember, you don’t have to stick to one place. You could enjoy a multi-destination trip as a digital nomad.

Remote working from Nicaragua, for example, is becoming very popular thanks to the quiet, cheap and secure life it offers. The government is finalising a regulation for this and the city of San Juan del Sur has become a meeting point for these kinds of professionals. Guatemala and El Salvador are also implementing improvements, such as better internet connection, to attract these professionals.

For those who are thinking of taking the leap and becoming digital nomads in Central America, there is nothing better than taking a multi-destination tour and discovering the options available. Get to know Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador with this tour  before you choose your next place to apply all these tips.

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