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Principales etnias

Discover the main ethnicities of the countries in Central America

The ethnic groups in Central America define the personality of this region of the American continent. Would you like to find out more about...
que sabes sobre la cultura

Was wissen Sie über die mittelamerikanische Kultur?

Mittelamerika ist eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele für Abenteuerlustige, nicht wahr? Aber wie viel wissen Sie über die mittelamerikanische Kultur? In diesem Beitrag finden Sie...
cuanto sabes sobre la cultura

All about the ethnic groups in Central America and their characteristics

One of the most striking things about Central America is the diversity of its people. It is possible to find different ethnic and tribal...
medioambiente y la sostenibilidad económica

Key issues for environmental conservation and economic, cultural and social sustainability...

Central America is currently facing a number of different challenges, but the most important of those is environmental protection, which is why there is...

Travel back in time with Mayan culture in Central America

Do you dream of travelling to Central America to visit hidden places that will transport you to the Mayan civilization? Take note of these...