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Belize´s tourism rebounds: outlook for further growth remains positive

The latest statistics for both overnight tourist arrivals and cruise tourism provide a clear indication that Belize’s tourism is moving fast on its path...

The Mayan World Opens its Doors to Tourism to Captivate with its Nature...

The reactivation of tourist activity continues to advance worldwide, and the Mayan World region is ready to captivate travelers seeking to reconnect with the...
panoramica de

The Mayan World, Vestiges of an Impressive Living Culture

Being a region rich in culture and tradition, the Mayan World offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of tourism offers, to mention...
Datos sobre medioambiente en Centroamérica

Umweltdaten in Mittelamerika

Möchten Sie einen der Orte besuchen, die am meisten von der Umweltverschmutzung verschont geblieben sind? Wir erzählen Ihnen etwas über die Umweltdaten in Mittelamerika....
la fauna de centroamérica

The wildlife that makes Central America a natural paradise

It’s not just its beaches and beautiful mountain scenery that makes Central America a natural paradise. The natural destinations and vegetation in Central America...
Tropic air anuncia nueva ruta aerea

Tropic air announces commencement of flights to San Salvador

Tropic Air announces that it will commence new nonstop service between El Salvador International Airport Saint Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (formally Comalapa International Airport)...
Panamá jubilación

The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

If you’re considering retirement abroad, you need information, and you need lots of it. But more than that, you need guidance on how to...
que sabes sobre la cultura

Was wissen Sie über die mittelamerikanische Kultur?

Mittelamerika ist eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele für Abenteuerlustige, nicht wahr? Aber wie viel wissen Sie über die mittelamerikanische Kultur? In diesem Beitrag finden Sie...
trade relations between central america and spain

Trade relations between Central America and Spain are strengthening

Trade relations between Central America and Spain are going through one of their best moments since the the Trade Pillar of the Association Agreement...
cuanto sabes sobre la cultura

All about the ethnic groups in Central America and their characteristics

One of the most striking things about Central America is the diversity of its people. It is possible to find different ethnic and tribal...