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Influencer Zulie Young gives the main keys to enjoy Belize.

The 'Bridges of Central America' campaign continues its tour of the region in search of the most satisfying experiences for tourists. On this occasion,...
Louis Morgen experiencias en Centroamérica

Prepare for the best galas, where you’ll meet the Crystal Maiden...

The enigmatic Mayan civilization is one of the main tourist attractions in Central America. Treat yourself to a multi-destination trip through Belize and Honduras...
Experiencia Centroamericana de Alberto, de Mochileros TV

Alberto, Mochileros TV

TRIP TO CENTRAL AMERICA There are trips that mark you, places that stay and are part of you. For me traveling to Central America was...
Christianne Risman Traveling throught Central America

Christianne Backpacking Bananas

The trip was an amazing thing. Its landscapes, its rich food and the friendliness of its people was the most I fell in love...