Savour Central American cuisine: three typical dishes for those who love authentic flavours

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Central American cuisine is gaining popularity all over the world. Each dish is a journey through time, a fusion of tradition and modernity that allows diners to explore the rich culinary heritage of Central America in a unique and delicious way. An experience of this kind is perfect for a multi-destination trip to this part of the world.

Enjoy Central America’s typical dishes on your multi-destination trip

Selecting typical Central American dishes isn’t easy, as each country offers its own nuanced cuisine. That said, street food is an essential part of eating in this region. You will come across stalls as you stroll through the streets of its cities while you immerse yourself in the culture. Here are some options not to be missed on your multi-destination culinary journey.

Try chimole in Belize

Belize is a place where different cultures come together, and these cultures influence its recipes. Of Mayan origins, chimole, also known as recado negro is one example of this. With a characteristically smoky flavour, this combination of stew and soup can be found on every table in the country.

It is prepared using red peppers that are roasted until they are charred. A mixture of ground spices is then added, which includes cloves, peppercorns, cumin and oregano.

To give it its spicy flavour and characteristic colour, ashes from chilli varieties are then added. All of these items, along with a few cloves of garlic, are beaten until it has a creamy texture. All kinds of toppings can be added to complete the dish, the most common being a hard-boiled egg.

Don’t leave Guatemala without enjoying jocón

On your next stop on your route through Central America, you can try jocón, a classic Guatemalan dish. Dating back to pre-Columbian times, the base sauce was used to prepare a wide variety of dishes that usually contained vegetables. With the arrival of ingredients from Europe, it evolved into what you can enjoy today.

It begins with a green tomato sauce, coriander and serrano chillies. The chicken is then cooked in this delicious sauce to end up with a fabulous stew.

To try it, you can cut the whole thigh or boneless thigh into strips of meat. This traditional recipe is a staple on Christmas tables all over the country. Interestingly, it is believed that the word jocón evolves from xocón, which means “green” in Mayan – its characteristic colour.

Sample pupusas when you visit El Salvador

Finally, the time has come to discover pupusas in El Salvador. These are thick tortillas made of corn or rice, which are filled with cheese. Beans or pork rinds are then added before they are cooked on a griddle. This traditional option has evolved and now incorporates other ingredients such as chicken, mushrooms or ham.

Also, in order to attract the attention of visitors, you can find colourful ones or much larger, pizza-like options, known as pupusa loca.

They are so popular in El Salvador that on the second Sunday of November, the country celebrates National Pupusa Day. In fact, the town of Olocuita holds the record for the largest pupusa in the world at five and a half metres in diameter. The dish has also become famous thanks to a mini-series that was released all over the world.

Central American cuisine is an essential part of your trip to this region. You can discover new flavours and delve further into the culture. Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador are great options for this style of food. Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the flavour of Central America with a unique multi-country trip, which you can find at

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