Craftwork and textiles in Belize, Nicaragua and Panama

Thinking about your next trip? Have you chosen your tour through the wonders of Cental America? You can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the handcrafts of Panama and other countries in this region when you’re on your travels.

Art in Central America

Textiles from Belize can be the perfect souvenir to remember your trip forever. Did you know that working with Mayan fabrics was one of the most important forms of Mayan art and religion? The most traditional garment is the huipil, a rectangular cloth with a hole, which looks a little bit like a poncho. You can find them in all different colours and traditional patterns.

Now, let’s look at Nicaragua’s fabrics and ceramics. Pottery is an essential part of the country’s culture, dating back to the pre-Columbian era. In fact, did you know that there are whole towns, like San Juan, dedicated exclusively to this craft?

If you want something genuinely original, you could go for a Panama mola. These are made by the indigenous Guna people and they are truly a sight to behold. These textiles appear in the traditional outfits worn by the Guna women.

As you can see, the craftwork in Panama and the rest of Central America can give you the best souvenir for your trip. Visit our website to discover the best destinations!

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