Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean peoples of Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their culture is more alive than ever

Knowing a little more about the culture of the countries you visit is a perfect way to better understand the experiences you are going to live. Since we want you to enjoy your  markets and crafts tour to the max, we are going to talk to you about the indigenous and Afro-Caribbean peoples of Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama.

Enjoy the culture of Central America

The Ngäbe-Bugle and Guna tribes are some of the most important indigenous communities in Panama. The first is known for everything that it fought for the independence of its people. The Guna are located in Panama City, in Colón, and in Cuna Yula. On the other hand, the Ngäbe-Bugle are mainly located in Bocas del Toro and Veraguas, and the tribe is made up of about 260,000 people.

If we are talking about the tribes of Honduras, we have to mention those of Lenca. In addition, of an Afro-descendant group such as the Garífunas. The Lencas are the largest tribe of indigenous origin in the country and are recognized for being merchants. The Garífuna are known for their exquisite cuisine, crafts, and dances that are spread between Honduras and Guatemala, and are famous for their cultural celebrations.

In Nicaragua, the tribes investigated by the Atlantic Coast Research Centre are  theMistiko and the Mayangna. Both work together for the development of their towns, which are spread throughout the country.

Now you know a little more about the indigenous and Afro-Caribbean peoples of Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama. Enter our website to discover the best destinations in Central America!

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