Discover new cultures and hideaways while sightseeing in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica!

Would you like to be part of a world full of natural resources and a historical past full of magic and places with a deep cultural background? When visiting Honduras, you will be able to see everything you could possibly want to make the most of this multi-destination trip.

Hideaways in Honduras, Nicaragua or Costa Rica: beauty in abundance

Discovering hidden places with interesting, little-known history is a very exciting experience. Did you know that the legendary pirate Henry Morgan used the former fortress of Fort Morgan Cay as a base for his overseas operations? This is just one of the Honduran hideaways you can discover on this trip!

Nicaragua, on the other hand, is a land that is full of lakes and volcanoes, a real natural wonder. The cities of León and Granada will bring a cultural bonus to your trip. You can also use the opportunity to discover the country’s most typical products and craftsmanship.

Finally, Costa Rica. A country that stands out for its immense variety in flora and fauna, recognised all over the world. Tropical rainforests, natural parks and innovative hanging walkways will delight any traveller.

Make the most of the benefits of travelling in Central America!

To find out more about the benefits of tourism in Central America, visit our website and have a look at all the trips we offer. Culinary delights, archaeology and history are all part of the natural Central America that you’ll discover while sightseeing in Honduras!

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