What did the Mayans do in Belize and Honduras?

Do you love secret civilisations? Then you will be interested in discovering every detail about the Mayans in Central America. Did you know that they extended from Yucatan to Honduras and from the Pacific to the Caribbean? With such a journey, it is not surprising that this lost civilisation was involved in hundreds of historical events. Dive in to learn about this journey through its history in Honduras and Belize!

Milestones of one of the great pre-Hispanic civilisations

The Mayans arrived in Belize in 2600 B. C. They occupied Cuello, before founding their political centre: Caracol (Cayo). Here they built their triadic pyramid during the classical period. Lamanai, Canal Pech, Santa Rita, Altun Ha… They reached their peak in places like these and then fell when the Spanish conquerors arrived.
In Honduras, the Mayans were most dominant in Copán (5th-9th centuries). Their most important landmark was La Escalera de los Jeroglíficos (The Hieroglyphic Stairway), where they carved important events. During their final period they settled in Río Amarillo, 18 kilometres away.

Mayan enclaves to visit

In Belize
1. Xunantúnich, a ceremonial centre from the classical period with six squares and more than 25 temples.
2. Altun Ha, a commercial site where the jade head was discovered, a significant find.
3. Caracol, the largest Mayan centre. You will discover numerous carved monuments here.
In Honduras
1. Copan, which has numerous stelae in perfect condition.
2. Rio Amarillo, whose unfinished buildings reflect the fall of the Empire.
Learn about these places and discover more about the lost civilisations on our website. A journey back in time!

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