The wildlife that makes Central America a natural paradise

la fauna de centroamérica

It’s not just its beaches and beautiful mountain scenery that makes Central America a natural paradise. The natural destinations and vegetation in Central America are home to millions of animal species. This region, which is fantastic for a multi-destination trip, is a real window to an idyllic world. Here we will discover some of the most fascinating animals of the Central American wilderness.

Central America, a natural paradise reflected in Guatemala

The Guatemalan people honour Central America and its forests. Would you like to meet animals from a fantasy world face to face? You are in the right place. Guatemala is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. The following species are examples of this.

  • Jaguar: A mythical animal, worshipped by the ancient settlers of these lands. Its majesty will leave you petrified. This feline has fascinated mankind for millennia.
  • Scorpion lizard: If you are lucky enough to come across one, you will never forget it. It’s estimated that there are less than 500 of them, so you can get an idea of how lucky you were! It is also very poisonous, so stay away.
  • Quetzal: A bird of vibrant colours. It is the national bird of Guatemala and one of the most beautiful birds of Central America and its forests. If you concentrate, you are sure to spot the majestic bird, in the branches of a tree.
  • Silky anteater: An adorable and peculiar mammal, similar to a teddy bear. It feeds on insects and fruit, so you can lure it in for a photo. it’s harmless!
  • King vulture: It is an impressive animal, with a wingspan of up to 2 metres. The yellow and red colours on its head make it unmistakable. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful bird of prey in its category.

Natural destinations and vegetation in Central America from a Honduran perspective

Honduras is located in the heart of Central America, making it a natural paradise. Multi-destination tourism is a real pleasure as you travel through its lush jungles and landscapes. Not to be missed! You will be able to see unique species.

  • Howler monkey: A formidable and intelligent primate , it idly swings in the treetops of the jungle canopy. It is indigenous to the region and easy to find throughout the country. Like us, it enjoys the warm weather.
  • Olive ridley sea turtle: Do you dream of watching a sea turtle nesting? In the natural destinations and vegetation of Central America you can do just that! This amazing spectacle is found all along the eastern Pacific coast of Honduras.
  • Scarlet macaw: It has an unmistakable song and elegant appearance. These birds cause sighs as they pass. They are the embodiment of tropical paradise, thanks to their vibrant colour palette: from deep blue to orange.
  • White-nosed coati: Beautiful specimen of a carnivorous mammal, similar to a badger. It is diurnal. It will be difficult to not find it on your journeys. You can easily tell them apart by their touching expression and whitish nose.
  • Manatee: The colossus of the sea. One of the few aquatic mammals. It can weigh up to half a tonne and measure up to 4 metres. Thanks to its huge size, if you come across one, you will be able to keep it in your sights easily! It is highly threatened by hunting and habitat destruction. It is a real pity because this is a beautiful creature.

Visit Central America and its forests, beaches, jungles and monuments

Are you convinced yet? Central America is a natural paradise where you will have the trip of a lifetime. Don’t miss a journey around Honduras’ natural beauty or experience Guatemala through its pre-Columbian heritage. You can also embark on a ruin-visiting experience in Honduras or  visit national parks in Guatemala. Enjoy the beauty and exuberance of Central America! Schedule your multi-destination trip today, don’t wait until tomorrow.


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