Cultural route through Central America: Discover the most interesting museums in the region

Museos más interesantes

Do you love to learn about the history of the countries you visit? Join the club! If that sounds like you, then you simply must visit the most iconic museums of Central America. In this article, I recommend a multi-destination trip to get the most out of the experience and soak up the very best of each country.

3 must-see museums in Central America

I’ve put together an exceptional route through the history and traditions of some of the most important museums of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The Biomuseo in Panama

If you’re curious about natural history, take a trip to the Biomuseo in Panama City. Here, you’ll come to understand another way to conserve nature and biodiversity.

National Museum of Costa Rica

In this museum, you’ll discover the best exhibitions, collections, research projects and learn all about this country’s legacy. It is located in the centre of San José.

ChocoMuseo of Nicaragua

If you’re a lover of good chocolate, you won’t want to miss the ChocoMuseo, located in Granada. Head to its colonial house where you’ll find explanations on how they make and produce the purest chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Costa Rica and Nicaragua will win you over with their landscapes, people, history and much more. It’s time to offer yourself a unique experience in the museums of Central America. Discover the cultural diversity of each region, as well as its archaeology and history. Delve into the history of countries guaranteed to enchant you with their great wealth and attractions.

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