5 unforgettable experiences to discover in Central America among nature and indigenous peoples

Would you like to encounter unforgettable experiences in Central America? In this post we reveal five that you will captivate you. Choose your favourite and get ready for plans that are as appealing as they are memorable.

1. An exciting immersion into the experiences of indigenous people in Central America

Forget the crowded settlements and most popular tourist attractions. Our aim is for you to become the protagonist of a trip that will allow you to see the different indigenous communities of Panama up close. This is the case of the Emberá, which is settled in the Darién region, and the Guna, located in the San Blas archipelago.

Discover their age-old knowledge, the customs that have been passed down from generation to generation and their way of life, especially their sustainable way of life. The rainforest is their home. Here they have managed to preserve their way of life, safe from technological advances. Visiting these villages will change the way you look at life.

Experiences with indigenous people in Central America will be unique.

2. A journey through the land of volcanoes

El Salvador is the land of volcanoes. It has a record number of 170. Of these, 14 remain active and 6 others are under surveillance. Visiting them is one of the best tourism experiences in Central America.

Visit the Los Volcanes National Park, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and discover places full of magic. Lake Coatepeque, formed in the crater of a volcano, and its island Teopán stand out. Another lake with turquoise-coloured waters is located inside the highest volcano, the 2.3-kilometre-high Santa Ana volcano.

3. Belize and its jungle, one of the best tourism experiences in Central America

The untouched rainforest awaits you in Belize to capture you with landscapes you’ve never had the chance to see before. Prepare a trip to nature in its purest form. Nature parks, animal sanctuaries and irresistible crystal-clear waters for swimming await you.

In the middle of the jungle you will have the opportunity to discover the ruins of the Mayan civilisation. When you enter the existing archaeological reserves, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a setting worthy of an adventure film.

4. Costa Rica’s commitment to eco-tourism

Now that the world is making a firm commitment to ecology and sustainability, Costa Rica will give you a master class. If you want to enjoy ecotourism, this country will open its doors for you to discover its natural wealth. From the nearly thirty national parks to the biological reserves, including the wildlife refuges and the more than half a million species that live within their boundaries.

Join one of the most active motions to show your commitment to the environment. How about planting trees to offset your footprint on the planet? Would you prefer to take part in animal rescue or perhaps look after turtle nesting areas?

5. Honduras’ biodiversity explosion

Escape the tarmac and the stress of the city to take refuge in the natural wealth that characterises Honduras. Its forests are home to more than 700 species. They are the best example of the biodiversity it boasts.

Don’t miss other attractions, such as the emerald waters of the waterfall at the El Cacao spa, the cabana-like lodgings on the edge of Lake Yojoa, its hot springs, etc.

Which of these unforgettable experiences in Central America appeals to you the most? Try the Rainforest in total luxury tour. Choose multi-destination and sign up for proposals such as Natural Central America and Adventure in Central America. Visit our website to find out more about the destinations we have to offer.


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