Central America: a destination for ecotourism

Ecotourism is now more fashionable than ever. There are many people, like you, who choose sustainable routes for the lowest impact on the destinations they visit. Here are 3 countries where you can travel responsibly.

Enjoy ecotourism in Central America

When we visit a different country, caring for and respecting its nature and environment becomes paramount. These 3 destinations are aware of this type of tourism:

  • Ecotourism in the Dominican Republic is the order of the day. This country has a high percentage of natural coverage, as 25% of the land consists of national parks and ecological reserves. Don’t miss the opportunity to take in its immensity from the top of Pico Duarte.
  • When it comes to Belize, we simply cannot ignore its rich biodiversity. It stands out for its almost virgin or unknown territories. Did you know that more than 70% is covered by forests? A visit to the Maya Mountains is highly recommended, as there are a number of activities to do.
  • Finally, in Panama you can discover the jungle in all its splendour. You can also spend time relaxing on its beaches with immersive, respectful experiences, where you will soak up the best of Central American culture.

As you can see, ecotourism is becoming increasingly common in this part of the world. Enjoy the best ecotourism in Central America with a Central America and Dominican Republic multi-destination tour where you can visit different countries in a fully sustainable way.

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