The Mayan World Opens its Doors to Tourism to Captivate with its Nature and Mysticism

The reactivation of tourist activity continues to advance worldwide, and the Mayan World region is ready to captivate travelers seeking to reconnect with the real world. Due to its impressive archaeological legacy, unique in its kind, the Mayan World is a multi-destination that offers one of the best travel experiences, positioning itself within the new tourism trends as an ideal place to visit.

Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico are already working together to capture the world’s attention through their flagship product linked to the Mayan culture and recognize the importance of conserving and maintaining both the common cultural heritage and natural resources of the region.

Its exuberant flora and fauna, including endemic and migratory birds; the paradisiacal natural reserves and the impressive legacy buildings of one of the most extraordinary societies in the world “the Mayan Civilization,” allow visitors to enjoy the outdoors, learn about the culture and the richness of the archaeological sites, practice extreme sports, and take with them the invaluable experiences shared with family and friends.

The member countries of this organization have obtained certifications from the World Travel and Tourism Council -WTTC- and have implemented biosafety protocols for each of the areas of the tourism industry, in order to offer tourists a safe, pleasant, and comfortable stay, added to the great hospitality offered by the heirs of the Mayan culture, becoming reliable and safe destinations.

The Mayan World offers excellent air connectivity, first-class infrastructure, competitive and high-quality services, multiple and versatile outdoor spaces, a variety of places to satisfy all kinds of requirements for the meetings industry and for holding face-to-face or hybrid events (congresses, conventions, or exhibitions), incentive trips, and cover the needs in accordance with the new trends that allow visitors to enjoy their business trips, as well as live very pleasant and relaxing experiences. Community tourism is also offered in each of the destinations, a segment in which visitors share with local families who provide them with much courtesy, exceeding their expectations.

Therefore, your next visit must be to the amazing Mayan World region!

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