Bring your Instagram to life with photos of dishes from Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua that lift passions

Are you a fan of #instafood? With these dishes you will multiply your hearts on Instagram. Start a culinary trail through Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Your hashtag #yum will open your appetite to your followers! Encourage the hashtags #instagood and #foodgood.
Gallopinto, new star of your #instagood hashtag
Rice and beans form the basis of exquisiteness par excellence in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Costa Ricans have it for breakfast. There are three variants: the Central Valley, less fat; Guanaste, toast, and Puerto Limón and Puerto Viejo, with chili and coconut milk.
Other alternatives worthy of being included in the #foodgood group
This last ingredient is part of the Nicaraguan gallopinto, which accompanies other dishes with red beans and onions. You can also try it in El Salvador. Its variety is called “casamiento”. Take green chili, onion and butter.
Ceviche to popularize your hashtag #instafood
Pieces of fish or seafood with citrus juice. This is the definition of ceviche, a true culinary icon in Central America. Don’t miss mojarra, in Nicaragua, with cilantro, lettuce, green pepper and celery.
If you prefer sea bass with sweet pepper, order it in Costa Rica. You prefer gilt-headed bream? Dazzle your followers with a good photo of Salvadoran ceviche.
Feed your hashtag #yum with these delicacies and browse on our website to know other culinary trails through Central America. It will make you want to get on a plane and try everything!

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