The best meditation destinations in Central America

Do you need to discover different meditation destinations in Central America to find physical and spiritual calm? I recommend this multi-destination trip through Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. You will discover the exciting Central American lifestyle in these peaceful places that I am going to recommend.

Costa Rica, the ideal place for relaxation in Central America

An eco-friendly luxury hotel in the middle of the mountains is one of the most charming locations to experience relaxation in Central America. Stay at El Silencio Lodge & Spa in Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica. As well as practising yoga, you can hike along the spectacular paths of this beautiful and peaceful place. Are you in?

Meditating by the sea in Nicaragua

My second recommendation is the Mukul Beach Golf & Spa, an exclusive hotel located in Guacalito de la Isla (Nicaragua). It consists of six luxury homes with inspiring names, such as Healing Cabin or Secret Garden. After a massage or a restorative bath in the spa, you can meditate while gazing at the sea.

The Central American way of life that will win you over

Yoga is a very popular activity at La Vida Optimal Wellness Destination in Panama. At this resort, which has a facial rejuvenation clinic, you can finish your meditation routine with water exercises.

You will find the peace you are looking for in these Central American meditation destinations. Visit our website and check out other relaxing multi-destination tours.


Sun and Sand.
Natural Central America.

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