The best lakes in Central America for taking incredible photos

Lagos Centroamérica

If you’re fascinated by nature tourism and different trips around Central America, pay attention. I’m going to tell you about three spectacular lakes in Central America that you’ll want to photograph endlessly. A multi-destination journey that will begin in Honduras, continue through Nicaragua and end in Costa Rica. Ready to start this exciting ecotourism journey around Central America?

Different trips around Central America

Begin this unique experience at the only Honduran natural lake: Yojoa. Across its 90 km2, you’ll find 45 types of orchids and 70 kinds of aquatic flowers. This is an ideal location for bird watching (up to 400 species fly over its waters).

Even bigger is Cocibolca, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Also known as the Great Lake of Nicaragua; it spans 8,264 km2, with three islands, 400 islets and two volcanoes. Did you know that its waters are home to sawfish and sharks?

Last stop on your ecotourism journey through Central America

We finish at Lake Arenal, the largest in Costa Rica and one of the most popular in the world for windsurfing. Its surface area exceeds 85 km2 and is home to a rich biodiversity, most notably including the hummingbird and the jaguar.

Enjoy nature in these Central American lakes that are sure to captivate you, and don’t forget to visit our website. There you’ll find more ecotourism journeys in other countries in the region.


Natural Central America.
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