The benefits of working surrounded by nature

Beneficios de trabajar rodeado de plena naturaleza

Do you know the benefits of becoming a digital nomad? If you fall into this category, there’s something you can do to make your life even more incredible. I encourage you to take advantage of your professional freedom to leave your country and settle in a dream destination where you can work surrounded by nature.

Why is it better to work surrounded by nature?

Back when you worked in an office, didn’t you prefer to decorate it with plants and cacti? Their presence brings life, a touch of freshness and good vibes to your work. Imagine what it would be like to work in the heart of nature, surrounded by greenery and admiring some fabulous views!

In Central America, you’ll find true paradises. Fancy working with views of the Metropolitano and Camino de Cruces parks in Panama City, the rainforests of Costa Rica or the sandy cays of Belize?

Boost your creativity

If you’re a creative artist, you probably already have some experience in this area. How many times have you overcome a creative block by heading out into the countryside, going to a park or playing sport somewhere with plenty of greenery? You can boost that effect all day long by moving to live in one of these natural paradises. Have you ever stopped to think why there is so much local craftsmanship in these areas? Discover the benefits for your creativity!

Disconnect and free yourself of stress.

Some working days are overwhelming and difficult. In cities with large buildings and pollution – where shades of grey predominate – this discomfort goes home with you. But when you live in contact with nature, soaking up its aromas and colours acts as an immediate, restorative and liberating antidote. The disconnection is immediate – as soon as you leave work. Forget about stress, depression and anxiety! The spectacular views from your flat in San Pedro, Belize, bathing in volcanic mud in the hot springs of Costa Rica or getting lost on the paradisiacal beaches of San Blas in Panama will help you unwind.

You’ll have more fun

Life is not just about endlessly working. Take full advantage of it, enjoy it and make the most of your time with the people you love. Having so much natural space around you offers up some fantastic entertainment and alternative hobbies. You’ll discover water sports, hiking, trekking, bird watching, flora or fauna observation, joyful dances and much more, all within your reach and close to your work.

You’ll enjoy sport more

Whether you’re out running, walking, cycling or doing any other physical activity, a natural setting will make the experience all the more stimulating and engaging.

You’ll deepen your roots and improve your social relations.

Societies are influenced by their local area. Nature brings out the best in people, unites us and enhances emotional bonds and authenticity. As a result, you’ll immediately feel more integrated in the community, discovering greater satisfaction and beauty in your life. What’s more, in Central America, you’ll be delighted by the good-natured locals and their lovable hospitality. Join the carnivals of Panama sprayed down with water, the pura vida of Costa Rica and the colourful dances of Belize!

You’ll improve your morale

Vital assets such as tranquility, optimism, satisfaction, well-being and serenity are reinforced in these environments. You’ll feel livelier and more content, and happier in general. What’s more, according to a university study carried out in Illinois, USA, irritability and aggressiveness are also reduced.

You’ll live longer

Living close to nature offers you fresh air and a greater sense of freedom. It also reduces stress, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease and other risks. So not only do you live longer when you work surrounded by nature, you also work better! You’ll gain quality of life and prolong your life expectancy.

In short, I promise you that you can boost the benefits of becoming a digital nomad by settling in these Central-American paradises. Why not start by taking one or more multi-destination trips to experience their charms? On the ground, you’ll soon discover some great experiences of cultural diversity, incentives and business.

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