Experience the fastest waves in the world in Central America!

Looking for the perfect waves for your most exhilarating trip ever? That means you’re a surfing fanatic! If you want to experience some of the biggest, fastest, tunnel waves, Central America really is the place to be. Ride the waves at the destinations listed below. Grab your board and experience more adrenaline than ever before. All with the backdrop of idyllic Pacific coastlines, which is exactly where you will find these epic waves.

Wave hunting in Central America

El Salvador is the destination of choice for anyone who considers themselves a good surfer. Did you know that this is home to the wildest waves? La Libertad is an unmissable destination for surfing aficionados. This region is where you’ll find some of the most iconic beaches. The strong winds that blow almost all year round mean they are best for the most advanced surfers. Not surprisingly, some of these beaches, like El Tunco, play host to the sport’s world championships.
El Tunco - Olas - Centroamérica

Big surf at El Tunco and El Sunzal

El Tunco beach has world-renowned, high-quality waves, which are particularly powerful between March and September. It would also be a good idea to stop by El Sunzal to experience waves of unimaginable sizes. Don’t miss out on these incredible waves! You should also check out El Zonte, a beach in the same area with a bohemian atmosphere that’s great for practice.
And don’t forget the San Miguel region. Head to Las Flores for the time of your life on its endless waves. This is a paradise with light grey sand, found in the east of the country populated by fishermen.

Surfing on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast

When you’ve visited the above-mentioned destinations, head to Nicaragua to fit in even more exhilarating practice. In Rivas, you’ll find one of the most charming beaches for professional surfers: Popoyo Beach. It’s the so-called ‘parrot wind’ that makes it what it is, blowing at the same strength all day long. These conditions make it the perfect location for the World Surfing Games.
Another favourite destination for those who love the wild seas is Marsella beach. It lies next to San Juan del Sur, which also provides access to Maderas beach. Push yourself to the limits riding the explosive waves in one of these places, and take the opportunity to visit Costa Rica and Panama. The majestic seas in these countries reveal the powerful impact of their rugged waves.

A route with stops in Costa Rica and Panama

Round off your surfing tour with a visit to Hermosa beach, in Costa Rica. There are two with the same name, so make sure you get the right one. One is located in the province of Puntaneras and the other in Guanacaste. The first one is where you’ll find the best waves. The strong tides have made it a choice location for the surfing world cup. And then there’s Roca Bruja in the North Pacific, in the Santa Rosa National Park. Here you can ride the tunnels of your dreams; especially from December to April.
Playa hermosa - Olas - Centroamérica
Finally, there’s El Palmar lying along Panama’s central Pacific coast, in the San Carlos district. This beach is full to the brim of intermediate and professional surfers. Are you ready to hone your skills on the board?
Well now you know where to find the most spectacular, fast, tunnel waves in Central America. Although these are just some of the most amazing spots. Take a look at our website and find out about the other amazing surf locations… you can even find out where the competitions are happening!

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