Did you know that Central America is home to the largest pyramids in the world?

centroamerica-piramidesDid you think the world’s largest pyramids are in Egypt? Of course these are the most famous, but there are other countries where these constructions are equally or even more impressive than those found on the African continent.

Central American countries with pyramids not to be missed

The indigenous cultures of this majestic region built colossal works which have been impassive witnesses to history. It seems incredible that something made thousands of years ago by humans has survived to the present day and that we have the opportunity to see it today.

We don’t want you to miss out on seeing these architectural treasures for yourself, so take note of the destinations we suggest.


Guatemala is one of the countries whose native riches will leave you speechless. We’d like to highlight three of its most impressive buildings in particular.

  • The pyramid of La Danta. It’s estimated to have been built in 300 BC and, at 2,800,000 cubic metres, it’s not only the largest pyramid in Central America, but in the whole world. It’s 72 metres high, which makes it the tallest in America too. Hardly anything! Experts say it could be a small city due to its considerable size. It’s worth noting that its structure consists of several platforms and has various types of facilities: housing, administrative, ceremonial… It’s also located in the middle of the jungle, so be prepared for adventure: three days on foot or by helicopter, it’s your choice!
  • Tikal. Did you know that one of the most powerful capitals of the Mayan people was located in Guatemala? At Tikal you’ll see one of the most incredible settlements from this interesting indigenous culture. You’ll love it if you’re fascinated by pyramids, because there’s so many of them. The Temple of the Two-headed Serpent is the tallest of them all, standing approximately 70 metres high. You can spend several days exploring this incredible scenery to learn about the culture surrounding this wonderful place.
  • Quiriguá. We finish our special tour of Guatemala with Quiriguá, another Mayan site, although this one is somewhat different. Yes, it also has a pyramid temple that’s sure to catch your eye, but the charm of this city lies in the stelae, carved stone monuments. The images which can be seen on the stone refer to aspects such as the history of the city, the passing of time and the Mayan civilisation.


In Belize the Mayan complex of Caracol, the largest Mayan settlement in the country, awaits you. It’s located about 500 metres above sea level, specifically on the Vaca plateau.

In its beginnings, it was an important city with an estimated population of around 150,000 people. To give you an idea, that’s more than twice as many as live in Belmopan nowadays.

Here there’s also pyramidal constructions, in this case, the pyramid of Canaa or sky palace. With a height of 43 metres, it’s the tallest monument in Belize.


Finally, for the Central American countries with pyramids, we couldn’t forget Honduras. The Copán complex is in the northwest of the country, where you can see the ruins of different pyramids, palaces and monolithic sculptures similar to those we talked about in Quiriguá. The style of the buildings is typical of the Mayan culture which evolved in this area.

If you want to feel like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft exploring the world’s greatest pyramids, the first thing you should do is visit our website and find your ideal multi-destination. Adventure awaits you!


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