The best things to do on your trip to Honduras and Guatemala

Time travel is possible if you do it in Mayan territory. I propose this most exciting trip of your life, with friends. Write down the details of my route through Central America. Two unforgettable weeks in Honduras and Guatemala. Pay attention!

Antigua: my starting point

This itinerary includes the most representative treasures of these countries. The trip begins in southern Guatemala. Shall we start?
– Day 1. I started my adventure in Antigua, a city surrounded by volcanoes. That morning I visited the handicraft market next to the Carmen church. I walked through the cobbled streets, past colourful colonial houses. I saw the Arch of Santa Catalina and the convents of La Merced and La Recolección.
– Day 2. I headed to Chichicastenando and Panajachel . In the first village you have the most famous market in the country. Also, two temples on whose doors you’ll see Mayan rituals, and a cemetery with colourful tombs. In the afternoon, I went to the second town, on the north shore of Lake Atitlan. I bought typical products on Santander street and photographed the San Francisco colonial church.
– Days 3 and 4. I spent the first day exploring the abovementioned lake and its volcanoes. In this microcosm you can climb or hike. The next day I dedicated to visiting the twelve villages that emerge from its banks. Among them, San Marcos La Laguna or Santiago Atitlán.

The most authentic markets in Guatemala

– Day 5. I arrived at Quetzaltenango, the best place to connect with Guatemalans. Don’t miss the Almolonga food market, the Zunil churches and the Central America Park.
– Day 6. I started the day climbing up to the Chicabal lagoon until reaching its volcano, where the Mayans make offerings. Then I discovered a charming town: San Cristóbal Totonicapán, one of the oldest towns in Guatemala.
– Day 7. San Andrés Xequl was my goal. This town has the most amazing church in the country. Its picturesque design brings together a diversity of styles and colours. Before eating, I returned to Antigua to enter the Pacaya Volcano National Park.

Copán, the gateway to Honduras

– Day 8. Already in Honduran territory, I visited the ruins of Copán, on the border with Guatemala. These charismatic Mayan remains transport you to the past. You will be captivated by the hieroglyphic stairway, the tunnels under the temples and the square of the steles.
– Day 9. It was the turn of Quiriguá, a World Heritage archaeological site. Here the steles are covered by palm roofs to protect them from the rain. I continued my journey through Río Dulce. I left by boat to watch the sunset from Lake Izabal.
– Day 10. It was time to explore Livingston. I also travelled by boat, which allowed me to fall in love with the water lilies of the Floating Garden. I met the Garifuna and swam at Playa Blanca.
– Days 11 and 12. I stayed in El Petén for these two days. I immersed myself in the beauty of the Isla de las Flores. I also organized an excursion to the Yaxhá lagoon, next to another Mayan site. In addition, I saw Ceibal and its pre-Columbian remains.
– Day 13. I saved one of this trip’s treasures for the end: Tikal. This World Heritage site was one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. Its architecture dates back to the fourth century B C. The Great Jaguar Temple is fascinating!
– Day 14. Scrambled eggs with loroco and cheese. This was my breakfast before leaving for the airport in Guatemala City. My plane left at night, so I had time to visit the Popol Vuh museum and its Mayan relics.
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