Push Your Athletic Boundaries in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize

Desafía tus límites deportivos en Nicaragua, Guatemala y Belice

The fact that nature is one of the great attractions of Central America and the Dominican Republic means that the extreme outdoor sports you can partake in are particularly commendable, adding solid and unforgettable emotions to your travel journal. This region of the world offers myriad opportunities for the boldest adventurers, and in this instance, we’ll be focusing on Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize—thrill-packed activities.

The Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua is renowned for offering a unique and incredible experience: sandboarding. Its black volcanic sand facilitates sliding down the volcano’s steep slopes at high speeds. This activity combines adrenaline with stunning panoramic views of the volcanic landscape. No one will believe you’ve had the opportunity to do it, but you’ll be able to prove it to them with unforgettable images. San Juan del Sur is one of Nicaragua’s most popular destinations on the Pacific coast and the ideal place for ATV tours.

In Belize, we recommend visiting the Mayan temple of Altun Ha, a jungle trek where you can go tubing through caves. From the air to the water, exploring Belize’s coral reef is highly recommended with a snorkeling tour, such as the one you can do at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve from Caye Caulker. It’s a fantastic way to get close to manatees, sea turtles, manta rays, or harmless nurse sharks.

Not only is the ocean exciting in Central America, but there are also numerous activities to enjoy on its rivers, such as navigating the turbulent waters of the Cahabón River in Alta Verapaz (Guatemala). This setting offers varying difficulty levels, making it suitable for travellers of different skills and abilities. We invite you to experience these and other extreme sports in.

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