The challenges facing Central America in the years to come


I invite you to discover the challenges facing Central America in the years to come. The commemoration of its bicentenary is the ideal moment for you to take a closer look at its greatest challenges. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to pack your suitcase and travel to one of these countries, or why not, to several of them. I can assure you it will be the best trip of your life.

These are the future challenges and opportunities for Central America

The future of Central America is currently marked by a series of challenges and opportunities. Discover some of the most prominent, and the strategies which are being implemented to give them the boost they need.

They are listed below so you can familiarise yourself with them in preparation for that break you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Preserving the identity of Central American people

If diversity is wealth, looking after the different cultures which coexist in Central America is truly important. Key to this is preserving the identity of the peoples in this part of the continent. To contribute to the conservation of the different cultures, education must start in the family and at school, but must continue in other areas of society. How can this be achieved? Through respect for the law, maintaining a strong democratic system, etc.

2. Boosting tourism as an economic driver

Tourism is an economic driver. It needs to be reactivated following the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, countries such as BelizeCosta Rica and Guatemala are promoting digitalisation as a way to attract visitors again. For this, they’ve set up virtual platforms, 360-degree online tours, various internet portals and other cyberspace experiences. These countries have agreed on promoting quality as another approach. The first results offer a positive outlook.

3. Boosting sustainable development is another challenge in Central America

The challenges in Central America also include sustainability. In line with the criteria of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, the different governments have already started to implement actions which favour this. Security is one of the key points, as well as opening dialogue and spaces for designing strategies in this regard. In this particular case, public policies play an essential role. Continuing to promote them is essential in order to achieve the right results.

4. Promoting entrepreneurship

The region has significant infrastructure throughout its entire surface area. From ports to logistics systems, airports, a canal linking the two oceans, an expanding road network, geothermal plants, etc. All this results in an attractive market which favours business activity and commercial exchange within and beyond the borders of its different states. By promoting this is, it will bring more opportunity for the future.

Now you are fully aware of the challenges and opportunities Central America faces in the years to come, get ready to travel to the countries which make up this multi-destination. Sign up for our Central American Highlights tour. Don’t forget to visit our website. You’ll find information on experiences full of charm, such as the Adventure in Central America and Cultural diversity tours. We’re waiting for you!

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