Central America: An Ideal Destination for Tourism in the Post-COVID-19 Reopening Phase

The countries that make up Central America and the Dominican Republic are in the phase of reopening their borders, after being forced to close them as a preventive measure, given the impact of the Coronavirus.

The region is characterized by offering tourists a significant number of natural attractions, incredible landscapes, and abundant stories of ancient cultures that make it magical and unique.

That is why, during the post-COVID-19 recovery phase, countries are once again betting on the reinvention of tourism through the promotion of outdoor activities, which carry no risk of contagion due to their low level of agglomeration and can guarantee social distancing in open spaces, as the vast majority focus on visiting places that are in contact with nature.

Here are some of the tourism activities available in the region according to peoples’ interests:

Canopy or Zip Line

Canopy tours are targeted towards the more adventurous, as they offer a dose of adrenaline that the most intrepid will not want to miss. With this activity you will be able to appreciate the spectacular views of the different forests of the region.


For lovers of surfing and water activities, windsurfing is a very good alternative. Windsurfing consists of balancing on the water on a surfboard that incorporates a sail and is very easy to use. The Caribbean beaches of the region are a perfect place to practice this sport, since they have different areas where the sea and the wind are stronger, thus ideal for those who wish to venture into this activity.

Swimming in Natural Pools

Central America is one of the regions with the greatest natural diversity. Here, small paradises are hidden, never seen before. In these paradises you can find natural pools located in the middle of tropical forests. The countries of the region offer magic aquatic attractions where you can appreciate their crystal-clear waters and underground caves.


One of the experiences that most helps travelers connect with nature, camping is ideal to escape from the routine and stress caused by the confinement measures experienced in times of COVID-19. A break from technology and city activities can generate well-being. The region has incredible camping sites in which tourists can appreciate the biodiversity.


This is an extremely exciting and adrenaline-filled activity. Rafting consists of going down a river with a certain degree of turbulence on a raft. You do not need to be experienced to enjoy it. The region has endless different bodies of water where the most extreme can have the option of living this experience. The natural environment and the forests on the banks of the river make this tour a complete adventure.


Taking a hike through natural paradises is one of the options to take into account if you want to connect with nature. The countries of the region offer everything from rainforests and cloud forests to jungles and dizzying mountain peaks that put the most adventurous to the test.


Snorkeling is a water sport that can be practiced by both children and adults. This is a great idea when you wish to immerse yourself in beauty and to appreciate the treasures hidden under the sea surface with family or friends. Central America and the Dominican Republic are the ideal destination to swim among majestic crystalline waters, enjoying the full diversity of species of fish, which will become part of the memories that travelers will never forget.

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