May Post: Discover the super tips about Panamá

Did you know that Panama is the only country in the world where you can find a tropical jungle 10 minutes from the capital? In this Central American country between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic you can discover amazing places and experiences.
We’re going to give you some tips so you can start planning the trip what you’ve always wanted to make.

Delights to try in Panama

Panama is a country with rich and clearly Caribbean cuisine. Throughout the country you will find many restaurants, so you will not be short of places where you can taste their typical dishes.
Fried fish with tostones is, indisputably, one of the most popular specialties. It consists of a large piece of fried fish seasoned with abundant sauce and accompanied by a garnish based on fried green plantain. It should be noted that fish and seafood in this area of the world are abundant and especially delicious.
If you like fruit, Panama is a paradise. With its warm climate you’ll find tasty and ripe fruits, perfect for a special breakfast or to enjoy an incredible juice. That is why it is common to see expansive milkshake menus in restaurants.
Rice features in many Panamanian meals. So much so, that rice with chicken is a classic, unmissable dish at family gatherings.

Currency and cost of living as a tourist in Panama

In Panama, two currencies are accepted: the balboa, which is the national currency, and American dollar. Although both currencies have the same value, the Panamanian balboa is only used for small amounts, because there are no bills in circulation.
As for what you can spend on your stay in the country, that will depend a lot on how you decide to travel or where you want to eat. As a guide, we can tell you that you can eat a small meal in a restaurant from about 6 euros, and use public transport for less than 1 euro.
You can take advantage of your stay in Panama to visit other nearby Central American countries, such as Costa Rica; don’t worry about the currency. Payments in dollars are accepted and, if you prefer to use the local currency in each case, it will be very easy to change money there.

What not to forget when packing?

As happens with tropical climates, temperatures in Panama are warm. Therefore, you will need short-sleeved clothes for the hottest times of day, as well as a swimsuit and sandals to enjoy its beaches.
We also recommend that you include in your luggage a long-sleeved garment, in case the temperature drops at night or for excursions to the hills. Don’t forget comfortable shoes to be able to do the city and mountain routes.
It is a good idea to also carry a mosquito repellent, to avoid stings in the most humid areas, and sunscreen.

Preparations before the trip

Of course, remember to check that your passport is valid and, depending on your nationality, that you have a tourist visa.
Panama is not a country affected by public health problems. However, it is advisable to go ask your family doctor what vaccines you need before the trip.
Yellow fever vaccination is recommended, especially if you are going to travel during the wet season. This must be done at least 10 days before the trip.
If you have in mind to travel to Panama, take advantage of all the richness that Central America offers you. Discover in the same trip all the contrasts that other countries like Guatemala and Honduras can offer.

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