Looking for #tasty flavours in Honduras and Nicaragua? You can’t go wrong with the carneada and the gallo pinto!

Is #tasty your most used hashtag in your networks? That means you like good food. Discover the tastiest dishes in Honduras and Nicaragua during your visit to Central America. Take food selfies of your delicacies, and become the king of hashtag with more flavour. Enjoy your meal!

Bring the #delicious hashtag to life with the Honduran carneada

This dish presides over all the true banquets in Honduras. It’s a rich dish of meat grilled with care on a barbecue. These cuts are marinated in sour orange juice with pepper, salt and other spices before placing them on the fire.
Exotic accompaniments
Here’s a tip for you: spray the meat with the exquisite chimol. It’s made by mixing tomatoes, onion, coriander and lemon. Accompany this carneada with roasted plantains, spicy sausages, beans and cheese. Appetising, right?

Empower your #eat tag with the Nicaraguan gallo pinto

Be warned: you won’t have discovered Nicaragua in all its splendour unless you try the gallo pinto. It’s a dish you can taste in other parts of Central America, but the most famous version is served here. It consists of a combination of red beans and rice to which coconut milk is added. Try this preparation at street stalls!
Dive into Honduras and Nicaragua’s most #tasty cuisine, and find out what the typical dishes of other Central American countries are on our website. Accumulate likes with your #eat and #delicious hashtags!

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