• Panama is bordered on the East by Colombia and on the West by Costa Rica Its coasts are bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.   This country has a surface area of 75.000 km2, where nature, culture, history and this great connection to the sea, it is a place of absolute harmony,...READ MORE

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Portobelo is a small city; UNESCO designated Patrimony of Humanity; scenario for a spicy history of pirates and corsairs. You can get there by trans-isthmus railroad, following the Canal and through the tropical rainforest.



A spot, full of history and rich ancestral Guna tradition, surround the small islands and islets with white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Come and live among its people and take some handicrafts home. The famous molas are now a symbol of the country.

One of the world’s most recognized places for bird watching, surrounded by the waters of the Chagres River and the Gatún lake and the spectacular jungles of the Soberanía National Park.

The modern city of Panama and its endless line of skyscrapers and buildings that coexist, without conflict alongside vestiges from colonial times, in the old town and one of the great marvels of engineering, the Panama Canal.



A paradise of white sands and crystal clear waters where you will enjoy water activities and the typical, laid back Caribbean atmosphere. Don`t miss the beaches of the Costa Azul or the Estrellas beach on Colón Island, or Wizard Beach on Isla...

Best time for

  • From June to September

    You can watch humpback whales from June through September at the Coiba National Park

  • March through December

    Are the best month for observing the laying and nesting of sea turtles on the different beaches.

  • December through April

    Can be spent swimming in company of the great Whale Shark at the Coiba National Park


Panama is one of the countries with the highest variety and wealth of natural resources in the world. Why not get to know it and get our adrenalin rush at the same time?

This country of contrasts invites us to learn things from the ancestral traditions of the ethnic groups to the innards of the construction of the Panama Canal.

There is no room for doubt that you will find just what you are looking for in the Nightlife scene of Panama. Dining, cocktails or dancing. You have a plethora of options. To mention a few:

¿Are you expecting your vacations to be the epitome of First Class? Panama will far surpass your most demanding expectations, because it offers 6 star services with all of the personalised attention that goes with it.

Typical handicrafts of the country are available almost everywhere, given that the provincial capitals all have handicraft marketplaces.

The country has long coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This intimate relationship with the sea insures your complete satisfaction in enjoying any number of water sports.

The incredible atmosphere that you will find in Panama will sweep you away into the perfect ambiance for your intimate and enchanting stay.


Some of the most romantic corners of Panama include:

One of the best ways of getting to know Panama is through it natural locations. The Natural Wealth of this country is impressive: its beaches, forests, jungles and islands with their incredible flora and fauna will astound you.