• Located in the northernmost reaches of the region, this country shares its border with Mexico to the north, Belize and the Caribbean to the East, Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast and the Pacific Ocean to the South.   This privileged geographical location has favoured Guatemala...READ MORE

Escape to

Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and Suchitépez and their tiny communities, in which, you will discover millennial traditions, reflected in their customs, ceremonies dances and dress.


A magnificent refuge of dense vegetation, for innumerable sea birds, and fresh and salt water fishes for the pleasure of fishermen. The region it belongs to is of great interest since it is habitat to the Caribbean Manatee.

From the dense vegetation, emerge important the Maya world. Tikal, the largest archaeological excavation site on the American Continent, The Mirador, and its recognized sculptures or Quiriguá, with elaborate zoomorphic forms and stelae

The depth of the cloud forest, habitat of the splendorous quetzal. Enjoy these  Precious creatures from February to September, in an environment, abundant and diverse in flora and fauna.


One of the most impressive active volcanoes, highly chronicled with paintings and carvings covering its activity from times of the conquest. You will enjoy pleasant treks and spectacular panoramic views.

Best time for

  • From November to Arpil

    The best time for climbing volcanoes is from November to April, because you will be better able to enjoy the views from their summits with the clear skies and marvellous panoramas.

  • From February to April

    Bird Watching is most recommended from February through April, since many trees begin to flower and produce fruit. April to June is also good for resident bird species, while migratory birds are present during November and December.

  • All year round

    Any time of year is good for visiting the archaeological sites.


Guatemala has a plethora of options for enjoying your favourite sport in a natural environment. Its nature parks, rivers and lakes can be your ideal scenario for a canopy tour, white-water rafting or canoeing, experiencing the most fun-filled way to practice a sport.

This country has a wide variety of beaches where you can practice your favourite water sports. Diving, surfing or sports fishing are just a few of the plans we propose for enjoying the Guatemalan waters.

Precious colonial churches, the mystical Maya world, relaxing lakes and beaches, dreamlike sunsets… Have you ever imagined spending your honeymoon in Guatemala? This country offers some of the most romantic spots for those, such important days or just an ideal scenario for an...

If you seek an more select atmosphere to enjoy your vacations, Guatemala offers you several places to rest and relax, with the best service that pay attention to every detail.

The immense variety of natural resources in Guatemala is comparable to very few places in the world. Exotic flora and fauna live together in this country and you have many opportunities to enjoy them.

If you had to point out the single attraction of Guatemala, there is no doubt that it would be the cultural wealth it has. Strolling its streets and feeling how it still conserves its ancestral traditions, full of colours, is in itself a spectacle. Its museums let you delve into the...