• El Salvador, known as the “Central American Pompeii ”, it lies on the Pacific coast and is bordered by Guatemala and Honduras.   El Salvador boasts marvellous scenery, its area covers little more than 21.000 km2, yet it is replete with impressive volcanoes, sun drenched beaches,...READ MORE

Escape to

A route through the archaeological sites at  Joya de Cerén, San Andrés, Santa Ana, Chalchuapa, Tazumal and Casa Blanca, that allow you to get into the fascinating world of the Maya civilization, enfolding you...

One of the most recommended options for visiting in the south-eastern zone of El Salvador is the Route of the Flowers, to see the impressive natural settings, as you explore some of the villages with the most tradition, such as Nahuizalco, Salcoatitán, Juayúa,...

This route explores the coastal area of El Salvador and the Sierra de Tecapa Chinameca, in the East of the country, some 100 km from the capital. Passing through the Chaguantique forest, Jiquilisco Bay, the Tecapa Volcano, Alegría Lagoon...

One of the most incredible experiences of travelling is getting to know other cultures. It is for this reason that we invite you to make direct contact with the population along this route that we are recommending, to learn of their daily lives and to see how they make their handicrafts, as you visit the villages of...

You can hike this route or go by horseback or bicycle, to learn of the history of our civil war in the 80s, as told by the protagonists themselves, while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings, replete with rivers, mountains and caves. The route leads through the villages of Perquín,...

Best time for

  • All year round

    you are welcomed to out national parks and to observe the land and sea  fauna.

  • Between August and December

    You can thrill to the emotional experience of watching the hatching of the baby turtles that have been incubated in corrals to help with their conservation.

  • Between November and January

    you can watch humpback whales in the waters of Los Cóbanos.


What can be better than combining touristic visits with a good dose of doing nothing? How about a relaxing massage, a yacht cruise or a game of golf?

The fauna and flora of El Salvador are among the most varied and rich on the planet. Many of the activities the country offers will get you close to this biodiversity for a look.

If you are looking for something to take home to remember El Salvador, the best things to buy are some of the country’s colourful handicrafts, since it has an important artisan tradition.  There are shops all over El Salvador where you can find a variety of souveniers.


Another way of learning of the culture and history of El Salvador is to visit its museums and live with its population to discover, first hand, its narrations and traditions, some of them ancestral.

El Salvador is an enchanting place with a lot of history. A place where you can walk along the streets of colonial towns, the picturesque historic villages, climb volcanoes to see a precious sunrise or discover islets with authentically magical natural settings.  


Because of the great number of volcanoes, lakes and beaches, El Salvador offers a multitude of adventure activities. Can you imagine anything more exciting than diving into nature?

If after all of the pleasure El Salvador has to offer you during the day, you still want to take in some Salvadoran nightlife, there are numerous places where you can go dancing and sample some of our famous cocktails:


With over 300 km of coastline, El Salvador offers its visitors an endless choice of water activities, from a relaxing fishing trip to the fun of surfing.