• Bathed by the gentle waters of the Caribbean Sea – Atlantic Ocean and by the Wide Pacific Ocean, this country of little more than 51,000 km2 that shares borders with  Nicaragua and Panamá, is the definition of a true paradise for nature and adventure lovers, given that it is home to 6%...READ MORE

Escape to

A charming town, full of life, gateway to the spectacular Arenal Volcano. You can also visit the La Fortuna Waterfall or relax in the natural thermal waters of the hot springs, or partake in the adventure activities like the canopy tour, kayaking, white water rafting, fishing, etc.

A tiny biological island by the southern Pacific, where you can watch the playful titi and whiteface spider monkeys, sloths, toucans, enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea, while you take in the fauna and flora on all sides.

One of the most highly recognized parks on an international level, the nesting ground for four different species of sea turtle. Witness this touching natural spectacle, getting there by river and coastal lagoons full of wildlife.

An almost mystic aura cloaked in mist, with the occasional emerald glint of the resplendent quetzal. Its great biological reserves, the Monteverde Rainforest and the Santa Elena Tropical Forest, invite you to get your adrenalin rush in its adventure.

A natural park especially outstanding, for its biodiversity, habitat to innumerable avian species and site of the Rincón de la Vieja and Santa María Volcanoes, along with several rivers and hot springs.

One of the great natural beauties of the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  it is one of the most un-touched eco-tourist destinations in the country, making it an exclusive destination for nature lovers.

Best time for

  • All year round

    you can visit the National Parks at any time of the year.

  • July through October

    is the time to witness the nesting of the green sea turtle in  Tortuguero National Park.

  • Almost all year long

    you can see humpback whales in the waters off the Southern Pacific coast nearly year-round, and during the months of July through October, many move to the Osa Peninsula to give birth.


If there is one place on Earth where living with nature and its fauna and flora are a part of daily life, that place is Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is blessed with an unquestionable natural patrimony, however, it also has a cultural patrimony that is the price of the Costa Ricans; ethnic diversion, pre-Columbian art and vestiges of the colonial period are reflected in its plazas, theatres, museums handicrafts and...

In Sarchí, Moravia (San José) and generally speaking, all over the country, you will find handicrafts for sale by locals, on streets or shops.

Be sure to take a few memories of this green and tranquil country home with you, to remind you of your...

Costa Rica is primarily known for its daytime options, however, you will also find thousands of great places for dancing and having a cocktail, in every corner of the country.

In San José you will find whatever is your preference in...

If there is one place on Earth where living with nature and its fauna and flora are a part of daily life, that place is Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is also a perfect destination for the discerning visitor seeking exclusive lodging and services, full of enchantment.

Being caressed between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the coasts of Costa Rica offer innumerable fun filled activities for the adventure traveller to enjoy to the maximum during his stay.

Whether you are attracted to the mysticism of the cloud forests, the incredible biodiversity or hotels with enchanting luxury, Costa Rica is becoming one of the preferred destinations for honeymooners, offering a perfect combination for nature lovers, adventurers and laid back...