• Useful Information Centroamérica



    - Except for cruise ship passengers; all visitors to Belize are required to present a passport, valid for more than six months before entering the country.


    - European and United States tourists do not require visas.





    Visitors from Europe do not need vaccinations unless they have previously visited an endemic country.


    Recommended vaccinations: Hepatitis A, tetanus-diphtheria.


    Although there is no mandatory requirement for any vaccinations, there are certain tropical diseases in the region, and therefore, vaccination is a personal option. If you wish, you can visit an information centre where you can receive a more detailed explanation of your options. If you click on the text you can access the Ministry of Health and Consumption website to find the nearest available vaccination centre. Should you finally decide to vaccinate yourself you should go to your clinic and request an appointment with your physician. In any case, once in Central America, you should use mosquito repellent, especially if you visit in the rainy season.


    Mora information: http://www.msc.es/





    It is always recommended that you purchase travel insurance, especially covering health issues , when travelling outside the European.





    In order to drive in Central America, you will need an international permit, provided by the General Traffic Administration.





    You can draw cash from the automatic teller machines throughout Central America (make sure the numbers on your card are in relief, since most ATM need that format to be able to recognize the card.)


    Many establishments accept credit cards, although small stores require case payments, whether it is in dollars or local currency.





    Since the climate in Central America is, for the most part, tropical, we recommend that you take light cotton clothing and insect repellent, (especially during the rainy season) we also recommend a small first aid kit with the most essential items (stomach protection, paracetamol and serum).


    Remember to always drink mineral water and check that the bottles are sealed (since drinking  local water can give you stomach problems).


    *For more specific information see the useful information for each of the countries.