We urge you to get up close to nature in the dense vegetation, where flora and fauna are part of the intrinsic environment.

One of the best ways of getting to know Panama is through it natural locations. The Natural Wealth of this country is impressive: its beaches, forests, jungles and islands with their incredible flora and fauna will astound you.

In this land, where lakes and volcanoes predominate, you will have the opportunity of discovering an extremely ample variety of natural environments that allow you to enjoy a wide choice of activities.

If there is one place on Earth where living with nature and its fauna and flora are a part of daily life, that place is Costa Rica.

With its 40% dense tropical jungle and more than 600 km of beaches, Honduras offers a variety of destinations for enjoying its natural wealth and many activities.

The fauna and flora of El Salvador are among the most varied and rich on the planet. Many of the activities the country offers will get you close to this biodiversity for a look.

The immense variety of natural resources in Guatemala is comparable to very few places in the world. Exotic flora and fauna live together in this country and you have many opportunities to enjoy them.