• Located on the east coast of Central America along the Caribbean Shoreline, bordering with Guatemala and Mexico, this precious country offers paradisiacal, white sand beaches and turquoise waters which cover the world’s second longest barrier coral reef. However, in besides being the dream...READ MORE

Escape to

A paradise of fine white sand and turquoise waters, made famous by the song “Isla bonita” which singer Madonna dedicated to this islet, an ideal spot for observing coral formations, swimming with sea turtles, sharks, manta rays and, brightly coloured tropical fish!

A forest Reserve, ideal for nature tourism, where you will find stands of pine trees, as well as rivers, waterfalls, caves. Visit the Thousand-Foot or Hidden Valley Falls and Barton Creek Cave waterfall, where you can get to know a community of Mennonites.


The island preferred by the European crowd. Known as the “caring island”.  Beyond its natural beauty, you will bask in the authentic local way of life, its spirit, its dances and its laid back lifestyle.

Two of the most outstanding Maya ruins of Belize. Xunantunich, which is especially highlighted by the “El Castillo” structure, decorated with friezes of Maya Gods and Caracol, which contains the largest temple in the country.

The longest beaches of natural sand and lagoons surrounded by mangrove swamps and coral keys, perfect for underwater activities as well as for nature lovers in quest of jungle exuberance.

Best time for

  • From march to june

    March, April, May and June are the best months for seeing Whale Sharks, since they come to lay eggs, especially in the waters of Placencia and Hopkins.

  • From December to May

    The months from December to May are the best time for enjoying the sun and the beach.

  • All year long

    You can visit the archaeological sites all year round.


Belize is the perfect destination for a dream honeymoon, since there are numerous excellent hotels, combining intimacy with relaxation to perfection, with the option of going on excursions and tours for getting to know everything the country has to offer.

Belize is also a perfect destination for you if you are seeking exclusive, enchanting lodging and services.

Belize has been home to great civilizations and conquests, so exploring its villages and streets will give you a wide panorama of the great cultural diversity of the country.

As you pass through most of the attractions of Belize, you will find handicrafts that locals sell on the street or in shops.


You will certainly want to take some memento of this warm country that will recall...

We urge you to get up close to nature in the dense vegetation, where flora and fauna are part of the intrinsic environment.

Wherever the Caribbean bathes the coast of Belize you can find a wide variety of bars, where you can have a drink to the rhythm of your favourite music and dances.

The interior of Belize is brimming with nature. Exuberant Vegetation, water falls, rivers, caves, etc. All of this allows for enjoying a number of adventure activities, such as:

The Belizan Caribbean provides all of the amenities for enjoying a variety of water sports, making fun a major part of your visit.